Listeria Class Action

From the office of Richard Spoor, South African activist and human rights attorney in partnership with LHL Attorneys Inc. and Marler Clark the United States' leading law firm representing victims of foodborne illness outbreaks.

Client Update: 30 August 2021

Greetings to all our clients,


We trust this update finds you well and safe.

Litigation is a long and tedious process and rarely shows significant progress in intervals of less than six months. We are currently exchanging pre-trial notices with Tiger Brands’ attorneys and drafting expert notices and reports in our preparation to apply for a trial date.

Further, we are busy with the discovery of documentation process, we have made considerable progress in working with our experts to review extensive documentation provided by Tiger Brands.

We thank you for your assistance thus far in providing us with critical documentation and information. We need your further assistance and co-operation, as listed hereunder, to enable us to proceed further with your claims and with the class action as a whole.

1. Consumption affidavits:

If you have not yet received a consumption affidavit for signature, please contact our offices to enable us to arrange for these documents to be sent to you. If you are in receipt of a consumption affidavit, but have not yet signed and commissioned the affidavit, kindly have the affidavit signed and commissioned and returned to our offices as soon as possible.

2. Loss of income or earning capacity:

Depending on the severity of your listeriosis infection, you may have a claim for loss of income or earning capacity. We need the following documentation to enable us to calculate the claim. Kindly forward these documentation to our offices, if you have not yet done so.

2.1 Documentation showing proof of income. These may be salary/pay slips, bank statements, an affidavit confirming your income, or any other proof you may have confirming your income.

2.2 Records of your employment history as far back as possible together with proof of income for previous employment if possible

2.3 Copies of any qualifications you may have obtained in your life, including matric certificate, school reports, and any other training you may have completed.

2.4 If you are claiming on behalf of your child, copies of qualifications obtained by the child’s parents and siblings.

2.5 If you are claiming on behalf of another adult, copies of both the injured and your own documentation as listed above.

3. Narrative and biographical interviews:

Narrative interviews are conducted by our paralegals and in these interviews we aim to get a better picture of the story of your listeriosis struggle. Narratives must be completed for every one of our clients. Biographical interviews, on the other hand, are not compulsory for all clients. Select clients will be asked to provide a very detailed account of various aspects of their listeriosis experience in the form of a biographical interview. These in-depth interviews assist us greatly in understanding the extent of the hardships suffered by our clients.

If you have not yet consulted with one of our attorneys or paralegals for the above interviews, kindly contact our offices to arrange a consultation. We are not able to proceed with your claim, until we have consulted with you and obtained the history of your illness.

4. You may contact our offices via email at alternatively by ‘WhatsApp’ or by sending a ‘please call me’ to 082 044 0875. We will attempt to get back to you as soon as we are able to do so. Please note you may receive a call from 010 009 6925, this is our Johannesburg office’s telephone number. Please save this number to your phone.

5. The focus of the class attorneys is to speed up the process as much as possible. We can only do this with your continued support and co-operation.

6. Kindly contact our offices on 0114826081 if you have changed any contact details or address, so that we may update our files accordingly.

We wish you continued safety and health.

Yours faithfully,


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